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Created in the town of Varese in Italy in 1870 by the shoemaker Santino Trolli and his son Luigi, Divarese has always been a pioneer in the shoe making industry. While shoes were made-to-order until the 19th century, a shoe sewing machine imported by Trollis transformed the business, facilitating the transition to mass production. Since 2010, the brand continues to be the leader of footwear and handbag design under AY Marka.

Interpreting seasonal trends with an Italian touch, Divarese does not consider shoes and bags merely as accessories and presents new designs to fashionistas. These special designs are also in demand as elegant gift options.  

The collections of must-have classic designs bring the style of Divarese to life. Italian, timeless, high quality and strong are the primary brand values. The target of the brand is stylish men and women who keep up with fashion and look for quality in their clothes and accessories. They shop only from brands they trust and value comfort as well as style due to their hectic business schedules.

In addition to its own designs, Divarese also offers many other brands under its name.

With shoes that can be worn in every season, Divarese Select has a timeless, trendy style. Select is becoming an essential for professional men and women.

A trendsetter and a timeless classic, George Hogg started its journey in 1855. George Hogg reinterpreted British style with a modern approach and has since become an iconic fashion brand. George Hogg continues to be a modern British classic with its trendsetting designs.

Luca Grossi started production in 1970 in Italy. Grossi brings quality and comfort to your feet with handmade shoes. Reflecting Italian style in its designs, Luca Grossi also includes handbag designs in its modern and innovative collections.

Di Trolli was established as a tribute to the brand Calzaturificio di Varese, which was founded by Santino Trolli and his son Luigi Trolli in 1870. The brand’s collection uses handmade soles, saddle stitchwork and hand-dyed leather. In addition to the meticulous craftsmanship, the shoes come with beech shoe trees and a shoehorn in order to maintain the shape of the shoes forever and prevent them from degrading over time. The collection also includes belts, which are of the same quality as the shoes..



Stylish Steps for the New Season with Divarese
Divarese Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection, with its deep-rooted Italian history and high quality understanding in every detail, invites you to experience the high energy of the season with its modern and dynamic designs.


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